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But let's face it -some things are just better made at economies of scale with industrial steel. For a good example, think back to the kitchen, which contains many utensils and Plastic Cutlery made out of steel. Like the The Toaster Project, it would be inconvenient and implausible to make an entire set of utensils or a finely-sharpened chef's knife one at a time.

A detail: trays and baking sheets can be conveniently settled in the plinth case under the on-floor table, which in fact, can have any width, depending on your requirements. If the height of the on-floor cabinet (preparation table) is not convenient for you, the plinth will add several centimeters, necessary for your accommodation and will relieve your hands and back of overstrain.

Important: it is extremely comfortable to work while sitting, so if you decided to bring in something new to the interior and give yourself a treat, plan a pullout shelf under one of cabinets of work surface or get a high (bar) stool. Overhead cabinets are to be located not less than 450 mm from the work surface, it is necessary, in order to accommodate freely all used electrical appliances (a food processor, a coffee-machine, a toaster etc). The height of standard cabinets is 600 mm, perforce you can buy 900-mm cabinets. They will exactly reach the ceiling in typical flats.

Even if after all this, there are some things left and there is some vacant Read more

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