Botox is a muscle relaxant with effects
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Coffee Lid surgery is done to remove the bags under your eyes. The incision can actually be made either on the inside or outside of the eyelid. If the incision is made on the outside, it is right below the eyelash line and practically invisible. Either incision option will leave minimal scarring. You should talk with your doctor to determine which type of incision is best for your eye. Reconstructive orbital surgery modifies the bone structure around the eye. It is usually used to manage abnormalities and deformities of the eyes. Reconstructive surgery can also be beneficial for repairing the tear ducts and bony socket area of the eye.The areas around the eye are very delicate, therefore a highly skilled ophthalmologist will need to perform this type of surgery in order to preserve normal facial appearance. Latisse helps your lashes grow and thicken. These prescriptions that are applied to the eye area treat thin or inadequate lashes. It usually takes about four weeks to see any significant growth and full growth usually appears at about 16 weeks.Botox treatments have been around for a while. Botox is a muscle relaxant with effects lasting up to several months before another injection is needed. These relaxed muscles tend to erase wrinkles and rejuvenate the appearance of the treated areas. If you choose to have any type of eyelid surgery, be aware that the eyes usually bruise and swell after the procedure. So, you will need to give yourself a little bit of healing time before the bruising subsides. Most people are back to normal within seven days. After non-surgical Botox treatments, there can be some bruising and full results may take up to one week to be visible.


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