Use a utility caddy to contain supplies
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So this year I thought. Hmmmm what could I do for my family Christmas. As most of CPET Tray you know, as the years go by families go their separate ways. Sometimes even at Christmas. So, what we try to do is get all the brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, cousins etc.. together a week or two before Christmas day. What better way to get everyone together, than to go on an old fashion Christmas sleigh ride. I thought first I will call the oldest person in the family to see how she felt about it. Well let me tell you my 86 year old Grandmother is almost as excited as my 6 year old daughter. She told me that she had always wanted to go on one but had never gotten the chance in all her years. What a great memory this will be for her. Seeing her great grandchildren, grandchildren and daughters all together on something she had always wanted to do. Merry Christmas Gramma! Now the planning begins. I choose a date, then called a local farmer to book the sleigh ride. You may want to book early so that you can get the date and time you want. I made a list of all my guests. And as Santa would do, I check it twice. I then called everyone. Told them about the family Christmas party and what we would be doing. By the way...Everyone loves the idea. Dish racks can be used to store pan lids, trays, cookie sheets or muffin trays.Lazy Susan’s can be used in corners to maximize space and make it easier to reach the items in the corner.Use a utility caddy to contain cleaning supplies. Or use a under the sink storage shelf that is coated in plastic to double storage space.Removable shelves can be used to double storage space in every cupboard, many are expandable and come in white or stainless steel, and they come in square, rectangle or fit in corners.


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